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Jacqueline is a creative mother of three residing in South Carolina. She is coming to our team as an enthusiastic and passionate blogger with an inquisitive mind just ready to seek and experience what the ecofriendly lifestyle has for her to learn and explore. She is excited about researching for answer to those tough questions the common lay person wants answered. She brings her twenty-five years of eco crafting experience to the G2N team. Her experience living in southern California for 20 yrs. where recycling, upcycling , reclaiming and salvaging was practically a way of life gives her an upper hand. She has used these types of materials(reclaimed) to make all sorts of projects. She has taught classes for 25 years from the east to the west coast in Micheals craft stores, senior centers and community centers across the country. Her favorite crafts are crocheting, card makng, scrapbooking, paper crafting, jewelry making, punch quilting, mosaics, bookmaking, cultural crafts and many more. She recently founded of a community organization called the RASP (Recycled Art & Science Project) that teaches children and the elderly the importance of using eco-friendly supplies when creating the many different types of craft projects out there. She believes that any project out there can be done with mostly reused materials rather than spending money to buy new supplies. She spends hours daily looking for fun, practical and useful crafts to do using the unlimited supply of wasted and unused materials we can rescue from the landfills of this country. We throw so many useful things away!

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