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  1. A Brief Introduction to Nutritional Yeast
    February 18, 2016 @ 11:00 AM

    […] Dairy products is one of the most common allergies.  With the western diet most of us have been raised on, it can be difficult to give up. Especially cheese which tends to be the top reason for why people struggle with going vegan.  There is reason for that, cheese is actually addictive due to casomorphins. There is a great article on the subject (should you find yourself inclined) called Addiction to Cheese is Real Thanks to Casomorphins by YumUniverse. Consider giving Nutritional Yeast a go and incorporate it into your diet. Here are two recipes to get you started Vegan: Cashew “Cheese” by Jen Horst and Cauliflower Baked Mac & “Cheese” (Vegan) by Sarah Beth […]

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